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A Sustainable Ecosystem

SolX’s main ambition is to bridge the world of play to earn (P2E) to the common investor through a simple, sustainable and proven ecosystem model. We have hundreds of players on board and ready to begin.

NFT’s and blockchain technology has surpassed all expectations, and as such now there are a multitude of ways one can earn money in the space!

Sustainable Ecosystem

Play-to-Earn Flow

It is a simple concept and idea which we have turned into a reality. Players do their part by accomplishing their daily goals in the relevant game, and as such a portion of those daily earnings gets put into a pool which then go back to all token holders!

It is as simple as simply staking $SGG to be able to claim a % of the pool of earnings (relevant to the amount held) from which the players/scholars have gathered daily. Distributions to stakers happen bi-weekly!

No limits

As everyone knows, Axie Infinity is the pioneering P2E gaming model out right now, it is both sustainable and has proven itself. Even with this being a Solana project, we are under no limitations whatsoever. We will partake in any ecosystem in which it is profitable, and push all rewards back on Solana for all stakers. No ecosystem is off limits, SolX will play a part in all of them.

Endless Possibilities

Our SolX dashboard will allow users to not only stake their tokens, but also apply to become a scholar/player, rent your NFT and partake in the protocol’s governance. Token holders will be able to also “rent” their NFTs to maximise profit for them.

As we are a community based DAO, the $SGG token will also lead as the governance token, in which holders can vote on things, make announcements, and submit proposals for the community!

As we grow we will be expanding into P2E NFT’s in all ecosystems. Although we natively based on Solana, all chains are open. SGG simply bridges rewards over to Solana for our stakers to enjoy the rewards.

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